I recently started playing around with the camera on my new iPhone. Then I saw a book about this in a museum shop and discovered that this activity is an “art form” known as iPhoneography. Well, well! So in purchasing the book I immediately elevated my “playing” to ART! In my mind at least.

I’m having great fun and experimenting with different apps. All images taken on iPhone and edited on iPhone ( occasionally on iPad if I’m honest).  I’m also blogging this on iPhone, which is a first!

These pictures were taken a few days ago in University of Dundee’s Botanic Garden :


16 thoughts on “iPhoneography

  • I’ve never heard of the term iPhonography. I learned something new today and I love that. I also loved, LOVED the pic of the tree. SO stunning and perfect in my eyes. I’m going to tweet it. Enjoying your blog already and excited I found another great one to follow. You can look me up here: http://454ragestreet. I love photography but it’s not what I use my space for so I don’t know if you’ll like it. Anyway job well done. Can’t wait to see more. Out of curiosity, what apps have you found work best for you? I love taking pics with my phone:) — LC

    • Thanks for encouraging comments. I’ll check out your blog.
      The app Snapseed surpasses all others in my view…..and it’s free. I use photoshop, Lightroom, nik effects etc for my “proper” photography and they cost a shed load of money. Results from Snapseed every bit as good.
      Happy blogging. Helen

        • Just checked my App Store: for phone I use
          Snapseed , Vintage Photos, Photoshop Fix, Lightroom, Slow Shutter, Photo Fx. There’s another one reckoned to be good too called Enlight. But really Snapseed does most things best and it’s easy to use.
          Your blog looks full of energy , though living in England, a lot of he content is going over my head. Still, it’s all about widening horizons so I’ll delve into it further. Will follow.

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