In Praise of…………….Speckled Woods

Went hunting for orange-tip butterflies again today but, for third day in a row, had no luck. There were lots of Speckled Woods though and when I voiced my disappointment, as in, “Oh, it’s JUST another Speckled Wood”, I realised that these little “plain, ordinary, brown” butterflies deserve far more appreciation from me than I have ever afforded them.

Their markings are beautiful, both overwing and underwing; they can be seen long before more exotically coloured ones; they can easily be seen in woodland.  And they turn up and they sit still when you get your camera out!

So here are a few images of my very favourite butterfly of the day:

speckled wood overwingSpeckled wood front viewspeckled wood underwingThis last one  had some amazing colours on its little body which the sunlight really showed up and you can even see a speck of pollen in its eye:

speckled wood pollen eyeThank you Speckled Woods, you made my day.

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