Honister Cottage 1628

Honister Cottage 1628

We were in the village of Seatoller in the Lake District a couple of weeks ago and were captivated by this cottage dating back to 1628.

Is the door the original one?  I don’t know. Probably not, though by normal standards it’s pretty old. I must see if I can find out any more about this cottage when we go back to the village next month.

We met a group of walkers in the village who were doing the Coast-to-Coast Walk. One of them said, “I think I’ve just found the most beautiful village in the world.”

I think I would have to agree with him on that.

I hope you like my post for this week’s Thursday Doors.


Honister Cottage Door Borrowdale Seatoller lake District

Honister Cottage Door ©HelenBushe


Honister Cottage 1628 Lake District Borrowdale Seaitoller

Honister Cottage 1628 ©HelenBushe


Honister Cottage

Honister Cottage ©HelenBushe

16 thoughts on “Honister Cottage 1628

  • I can’t believe a cottage like that really exists; it’s like something out of one of my “places I wish I could live” dreams!! And you photographed it so beautifully. I want!! lol 🙂

    • Thanks Lauren. Yes, I was so delighted to find it on a walk around this tiny, tiny village. We’re going back to the area in a couple of weeks, so who knows what other hidden gems I might be lucky enough to find. I really appreciate your comments.

  • You are reminding me of some of the cottages we walked past almost daily in little Heysham last winter. Absolutely amazing to see such old buildings in good repair and actually being used!

    You captured this one beautifully. I look forward to reading what you might be able to learn about it’s past and present.

    • There are good deals at the Borrowdale Hotel, a very traditional quintessentially English 4star hotel. It’s still expensive at £150 for two but for that you get tea and scones on arrival, a wonderful 4 -course dinner (with a full alternative veggie menu in addition to all the fancy meaty/fishy stuff) a lovely room . Also being a big hotel with only 40 rooms , there are loads of lounge areas/ conservatory to sit in when you come back tired and possibly soaked after a walk. The village of Seatoller is a few minutes away.
      As soon as we came back from Borrowdale, we booked another 3 two day breaks there!
      And ,NO, I do not work for the hotel, nor do I get commission for recommending. LOL
      Thanks for all your likes and comments.

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