Flying and the Art of Levitation as Practised by Swans

Flying and the Art of Levitation have fascinated me since I was a child when I frequently made unsuccessful attempts to do either or both.

I always believed that the reason I couldn’t  fly was because I wasn’t trying hard enough. Somehow I knew that this potential ability should NEVER be revealed to grown-ups, so I explained that all the thuds coming from my room upstairs were me jumping/falling off my bed.

To this day, I still day-dream about it.  Perhaps I was a bird in a past life.  Perhaps I will be in a future life……..

Before my 400mm lens became too heavy to cart around and my reactions slowed down, I used to love photographing birds in flight.

Here are some Whooper Swans flying:


Whooper Swans Flight

Whooper Swans in Flight ©HelenBushe


And here is a Glaswegian stunt swan practising the art of levitation:


The Art of Levitation

The Art of Levitation ©HelenBushe


No more practising the art of levitation for me. If I jumped off my bed now, I’d probably break my hip!


Many thanks again to Cee for hosting her Fun Foto Challenge: Crawling or Flying


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