…and F is for Filleting Fish very Fast

E is for Evening Meal…….

Evening meal low key Barcelona al fresco Gothic Quarter dinner

Evening Meal ©HelenBushe


…….and F is for Filleting Fish very Fast as these stallholders were doing at LaBoqueria Market:

Fish Filleting LaBoqueria Barcelona fish market low key

 Fast Fish-Filleting ©HelenBushe


fish market LaBoqueria stall Barcelona monochrome Black & White

Keeping an Eye on the (Fish)Scales ©HelenBushe


All Low-Key Street Photography images from my archives for this week’s Black&White Challenge: Letters E and F

Perhaps next week’s will be brighter.Or perhaps not.


This is a fun challenge to do and there were as many interpretations are there are bloggers in the universe.

So why not click on the icon to see some variations on the theme?

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