Feet of Clay

Feet of Clay  

I saw these large stone feet on the grass in a park in Glasgow.

They have no ankles or heels, nor are they attached to legs. They have no plaque beside them with the name of the sculptor and no description/explanation.   What are they for? What do they signify? Why are they there? What deep meaning do they convey?  Have they tip-toed there by themselves??????? Will they be there tomorrow?

I don’t suppose any of these things really matter if a work of art catches the attention. They are self-explanatory in that they are a pair of big and incomplete feet. And they are very big and they are fun.

I’d like to share them with you  for this week’s Fun Foto Challenge: Legs & Feet from Cee.


Feet of Clay Bellahouston Park Glasgow sculpture

Feet of Clay ©HelenBushe



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