Evanescence through a Macro Lens.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Evanescent

Weather Warning: 28th May – Thunderstorms and Heavy Rain!

When I saw the  forecast for yesterday evening, I wanted to photograph some of our most colourful garden flowers before they were battered down by the elements.


Poppy Seedpod macro evanescence garden

Poppy ©HelenBushe


Clematis macro close-up centre evanescent

Pink & White Clematis ©HelenBushe


Clematis macro close-up centre evanescent

Purple Clematis ©HelenBushe


Clematis macro close-up centre evanescent

Pink& White Clematis (crop) ©HelenBushe

As it turned out, neither thunderstorms nor particularly heavy rain came our way.

Today these flowers look more or less the same as they did yesterday.

But then, no-one ever said that evanescence is an overnight phenomenon, did they?

I got the idea for this post from fellow blogger Mitchell Webster  at Heritage Basket Studio who posts some wonderful macro images. It’s well worth visiting his blog.


 For more on this phenomenon, see WordPress Photo Challenge: Evanescent

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