Thursday Doors: Valletta and Mdina

Red Doors, Blue Doors, Green Doors

For this week’s Thursday Doors I’ve found some new pictures from our first trip to Malta which was in 2014.

This magnificent door was in Mdina, Malta’s “Silent City”:

Mdina: Red Door Malta Thursday doors

Mdina: Red Door ©Helenbushe


A detail of the red door:

Red Door: Detail, Mdina, Thursday doors

Red Door: Detail ©HelenBushe


This blue door is the door to someone’s house:

Valletta: Blue Door ©HelenBushe


This a more modest house door:

Valletta: House Entrance Malta Thursday doors

Valletta: Do come in.©HelenBushe


This looks like a good “development opportunity”:

Valletta: 3 Green Doors decay thursday doors malta

Valletta: 3 Green Doors ©HelenBushe


Back to the “Silent City” of Mdina for these last two:

Mdina: Typical House malta thursday doors

Mdina: Typical House ©HelenBushe


Mdina: Grand House malta Thursday doors

Mdina: Grand House ©HelenBushe

If you love doors as much as I do, head over to Norm’s Thursday Doors to enjoy more from bloggers around the world.

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