Thursday Doors: Graffiti in the Gothic Quarter

Wandering around Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter at night is a colourful  experience.

Where I come from “good” neighbourhoods don’t have any graffiti. Indeed if anyone had the temerity to paint any, it would quickly be cleaned off and the matter probably reported to the police.

It’s a different scenario in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter where graffiti is the order of the day – but only on doors and shutters. After all, this is the trendy, artistic and hip area of the city, as well as its most historic part.

All the shops are independently owned and stock everything from antiques to hand-made leather goods; from art works to artisan bread; from individually designed clothing and shoes to the most most elegant lighting you could ever see.

At night all these shops are closed and shuttered to display their graffiti. The apartment entrances also have graffiti on their street doors, which to the untrained eye, disguises the fact that living space here is very expensive and much sought after by  high-earning hipsters.

For pictures of doors from bloggers around the world, head to Norm’s Thursday Door Challenge.


Carrer d'en Gignas Barcelona Gothic Quarter night shops

Carrer d’en Gignas ©HelenBushe


Shop & Apartment Doors Barcelona Gothic Quarter

Shop & Apartment Doors ©HelenBushe


Door with Scaffolding Barcelona Gothic Quarter

Door with Scaffolding ©HelenBushe



Brown to Red Door Gothic Quarter Barcelona

Brown to Red Door ©HelenBushe


And after about 260 or so sleeps we’ll be back in Barcelona. Yippee!

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