The Door to No. 82, Skippool Creek

This week’s post for Thursday Doors is one I’ve already published in The Wrecks of Skippool Creek.  I was reminded of it when we passed the signpost to The Creek yesterday on the way to Fleetwood, which was once a prominent deep sea fishing port but since the decline of that industry is now re-establishing itself as a resort with lots to see and to photograph. (I feel a blog or two about Fleetwood coming on!)

This door, The Door to No. 82, is on one of the many tumbledown, though still well-used, jetties at The Creek.

Skippool Creek has a fascinating history of worldwide trading (and smuggling) but today is part boat graveyard and part sailing club. It’s a most unusual place and one I must revisit soon.

Jetty skippool creek

Welcome to No. 82 ©HelenBushe


I love the fact that the door is firmly locked as there is nothing on the other side.

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