Designer Shoes in Profile: Fantasy versus Reality

Designer Shoes: the Fantasy

Yellow Laces designer shoes multicoloured

Yellow Laces ©HelenBushe

I saw all these shoes in a marvellous independent shop in the  trendy Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge.

Oh, to be a Bright Young Thing and have small, pointy feet!

Blue Suede Shoes designer

Blue Suede Shoes ©HelenBushe


Red Suede Shoes designer

Red Suede Shoes ©HelenBushe


designer shoes monochrome

Shoes with Bubbles on©HelenBushe

My Shoes: the Reality:

So inspired was I by all these colourful designer shoes on my screen, I thought I’d show you what the well dressed blogger is wearing this morning on her feet.

(Well, it is a cold wet, wintery day and my house clogs are so very comfortable)

My House Clog shoes Fitflop

Comfort Prevails ©HelenBushe


Thanks to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: View from the Side for giving me the idea for this post.

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