Dereliction and Dilapidation

I’ve always been drawn to photographing old doors, fences, gates, windows and all that sort of thing, so when I see a whole house in a state of utter dereliction and dilapidation I am over the moon. Or if not literally “over the moon” then definitely over the road, in the middle of the road dodging traffic, sprawled on the pavement or getting into various other risky and ungainly positions  to try to capture it from all angles.

This property in the main square of the old town of Sliema (Malta) was in total contrast to the modern concrete, glass and steel structures of the hotels and restaurants on the seafront of the resort. It is also the only property in the square which hasn’t been converted into, or rebuilt as, shops.

When I look at these pictures, a hundred and one questions come into my mind:

How old is this house?  What is it like inside?  Why has it been abandoned?  Who last lived here?  Who first lived here?  What is it not for sale?  Will anyone rescue it?  Does anyone care?  Does it have an internal courtyard and, if so, what is that like?  Will someone come and board up the broken window upstairs?  And so on……. up to……How can I get inside for a look?


Sliema Malta ruined house

Number 50 ©HelenBushe


50 50 50

50 50 50 ©HelenBushe


Railings at No. 50

Railings at No. 50 ©HelenBushe


Hatch at No. 50

Hatch at No. 50 ©HelenBushe




13 thoughts on “Dereliction and Dilapidation

  • I am also a fan of abandoned buildings. In this case I wonder why the number 50 is repeated so many times. Surely once would have been enough. Is it a marker for the demolition contractor or were vandals / grafitti ‘artists’ active here? Never mind, you made some beautiful pictures, love the colour green.

    • Thanks Marga. Yes I wondered that about the 50 too. Just booked Valletta for next year, so I’ll be able to have another look.

        • Last week we booked a great hotel right at the gate of the old city. Ideally placed and very reasonably priced. Told a friend who then offered us her timeshare again. It’s across the harbour with great views and where we stayed this year. So cancelled hotel. In 2018 going to book at hotel at city gate. (Friends will be using timeshare!) .

          • Oh, that sounds fabulous, either sites are great of course. You are lucky to have such friends who not only make promises but really let you timeshare their place.

          • Yes indeed. They only have one week a year and I think they are mad not using it, though it suits us fine. It’s 5-star luxury , beyond what we could afford in a hotel .

  • My husband and I also like abandoned buildings in various states of disrepair. Somehow they assume a certain kind of dignity.

    • Thanks for looking and commenting Laurie. Yes, quiet dignity, silent mystery and a host of other things.

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