Day-Flying Moths at Brockholes

I’ve been doing a lot of challenges recently and it’s something I hugely enjoy. What I’ve realised though is that I’ve been spending a lot of time digging into the archives for photographs to fit. And whilst this is something I enjoy too, I love to be outdoors DOING rather than indoors THINKING.

Before I started blogging I used to give myself a weekly challenge and get out and about looking for suitable subjects to photograph. (There wouldn’t have been much point in issuing a challenge to myself just to go through my own photos for something to match it!)

Today I decide to go to Brockholes Nature Reserve and photograph butterflies. Well, there weren’t many around as it wasn’t all that sunny. But I did see lots of damselflies and dragonflies, some beautiful birds and lots of day-flying moths.

And so, for the first time in ages, I’m posting pictures on the same day they were taken. The dragonflies and damselflies photographs will need to wait until tomorrow…..

Two Burnets

Two Burnets ©HelenBushe


Two Burnets and a Bee

Two Burnets and a Bee ©HelenBushe


Idea Lutealis underside moth day-flying

Udea Lutealis ©HelenBushe


Idea Lutealis underside moth day-flying

Udea Lutealis ©HelenBushe

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