C is for Churchyard and Church Spire

C is for Churchyards and Church Spires

I went out this morning looking for a witch’s grave.

 Meg Shelton, known as the “Fylde Hag” or the “Fylde Witch” was  buried in 1705 in the churchyard at St Anne’s Church in the nearby village of Woodplumpton. 

And I found it!

I found the boulder they put over her grave to stop her escaping (for a third time). But that’s for a future post.   I’ll need to do some research to try to find out how she managed to be buried in consecrated ground; so far I’ve not discovered much. 

I did get some photos of the churchyard though.


I saw this notice just as I was about to lean on a headstone and took heed of the solemn warning:

Warning Notice churchyard gravestones
Take Heed ©HelenBushe


There’s a Right of Way for walkers through the graveyard and into the fields behind the church. You might just spot the  Public Footpath sign:

Angel churchyard gravestone
Angel ©HelenBushe


Many of the graves in the old part of the churchyard date from the 1800’s:

Gravestones churchyard
Gravestones at St Anne’s Church ©HelenBushe


This morning’s church, St Anne’s in Woodplumpton doesn’t have much of  a spire (though it does have a cupola topped with a weather-vane); but St Michael’s in our nearest town, Kirkham, has  a rather magnificent one:

St Michael's Church Kirkham churchyard spire gravestones
St Michael’s Church, Kirkham ©HelenBushe


I don’t think St Michael’s has any witches though.

This week Cee’s Black & White Challenge was the letters “C” and “D”.   

My post for the letter “D” will have to wait until another day (unless D for Dead counts! there’s enough graves here for it to qualify.)


23 thoughts on “C is for Churchyard and Church Spire

  1. You’ve definitely captured my attention with Meg Shelton and her ‘escape’ from burial!! I’m hoping for a followup post 🙂
    I love the processing on your b&w images. They are perfect for your subject!

  2. Ooooh, I do love a good graveyard. The UK is so fortunate to play host to so many gorgeous, very old ones. You’ve captured the stone work and the beauty just wonderfully.

    I can’t wait to hear learn more about Meg and her grave escaping ways. Like any good ghost story, you’ve got me on the edge of my seat!

    1. Hi Leah. We’re lucky to have so many places of interest nearby. Though I think most people have really. I like to “pretend” I’m a tourist sometimes when visiting a familiar place to try to really “see” it. Photography helps me do this so much.

    1. Thank you Cee. This week’s challenge got me out to a local Graveyard where I had a lovely morning taking photographs. Without the challenge I probably wouldn’t have revisited it.

    1. Thank you bushboy. I so agree with you about black and white for graveyards.
      But roll on summer and I can be out taking colourful butterflies and dragonflies!

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