C is for Churchyard and Church Spire

C is for Churchyards and Church Spires

I went out this morning looking for a witch’s grave.

 Meg Shelton, known as the “Fylde Hag” or the “Fylde Witch” was  buried in 1705 in the churchyard at St Anne’s Church in the nearby village of Woodplumpton. 

And I found it!

I found the boulder they put over her grave to stop her escaping (for a third time). But that’s for a future post.   I’ll need to do some research to try to find out how she managed to be buried in consecrated ground; so far I’ve not discovered much. 

I did get some photos of the churchyard though.


I saw this notice just as I was about to lean on a headstone and took heed of the solemn warning:

Warning Notice churchyard gravestones

Take Heed ©HelenBushe


There’s a Right of Way for walkers through the graveyard and into the fields behind the church. You might just spot the  Public Footpath sign:

Angel churchyard gravestone

Angel ©HelenBushe


Many of the graves in the old part of the churchyard date from the 1800’s:

Gravestones churchyard

Gravestones at St Anne’s Church ©HelenBushe


This morning’s church, St Anne’s in Woodplumpton doesn’t have much of  a spire (though it does have a cupola topped with a weather-vane); but St Michael’s in our nearest town, Kirkham, has  a rather magnificent one:

St Michael's Church Kirkham churchyard spire gravestones

St Michael’s Church, Kirkham ©HelenBushe


I don’t think St Michael’s has any witches though.

This week Cee’s Black & White Challenge was the letters “C” and “D”.   

My post for the letter “D” will have to wait until another day (unless D for Dead counts! there’s enough graves here for it to qualify.)


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