Large Red Damselfly Macro at Brockholes

Blues and Reds at Brockholes.

Up Close and Personal with a Large Red Damselfly.   A couple of recent visits to Brockholes Nature Reserve have given me the opportunity to eyeball a few damselflies and also watch Common Blue Butterflies staking out their territory. Please click on any image in this gallery of Reds & Read more…

On Gossamer Wings Common Blue Butterfly wing detail Monday macro

MONDAY is MACRO DAY: Week 8: On Gossamer Wings

On Gossamer Wings.   There are many poems and songs featuring the phrase “on gossamer wings”. (I know this because I googled!  It wasn’t only Cole Porter who used it!). But there is nothing like seeing the real thing close up. I spent a while one day last week watching Read more…

Painted Lady Butterfly Monday macro

MONDAY is MACRO DAY: WEEK 5: Painted Ladies

This week we had a visit from a Painted Lady…. …..No! Not that kind of Painted Lady; this is Monday Macro after all!   The Painted Lady is a long-distance migrant, which causes the most spectacular butterfly migrations observed in Britain and Ireland. Each year, it spreads northwards from the Read more…

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