It’s Easy to be Green when you’re a Forest God

It’s relatively easy to be green when you’re a Forest God:     It’s a bit easier when you’re a Shield Bug:   But when you’re a Grasshopper, it’s so easy that you never need to give it a second thought:   For another Green post , see Going Green in Barca.   For more interpretations on the theme of green from bloggers worldwide, click on the link below: WORDPRESS Photo Challenge: It is Easy to be Green  

…and F is for Filleting Fish very Fast

E is for Evening Meal…….   …….and F is for Filleting Fish very Fast as these stallholders were doing at LaBoqueria Market:     All Low-Key Street Photography images from my archives for this week’s Black&White Challenge: Letters E and F Perhaps next week’s will be brighter.Or perhaps not.   This is a fun challenge to do and there were as many interpretations are there are bloggers in the universe. So why not click on the icon to see some variations on the theme?

Marching to the Music in Malta

Marching to the Music in Malta I’ve downloaded (uploaded ????…whichever… maybe both…..) a couple of last year’s iPhone pictures for Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Music. This band was marching in honour of St Augustine whose feast day it was. It was memorable experience walking with the band through the narrow streets of the medieval city of Valletta, the island’s capital, down to the church of St Augustine.       I posted some more monochrome photos of this event in an earlier post The Brass Band Plays for St Augustine, which uses images taken on a “real” camera (Fuji x100s). Whilst iPhones are pretty good for taking photographs, especially on holiday or when speed is of the essence, I don’t think I’ll abandon my Fuji cameras just yet.    

Green Wellies in the Gothic Quarter

We’ve just come back from a wonderful trip to the Catalonian city of Barcelona where we were lucky enough to bag  a hotel right in the middle of the Gothic Quarter. Barcelona must be one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Art and design and colour are everywhere. From the amazing architecture of Antoni Gaudi for which the city is most famous to this quirky bench in a side street. I’ve come back with enough photos on both camera memory cards and iPhone to keep me happily playing around with them for months. In fact, right now I’m a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of images that I haven’t got beyond looking at them and mentally retracing my steps through the city. We’re already planning a return visit. I think this bench is sufficiently oddball for Cee’s Challenge this week. What do you think?    

Vintage in Bronte Country

Haworth is the epitome of Emily Brontë’s legendary Wuthering Heights. There’s an enchanting mystique to the wild and rugged moors that surround this beautiful village – you can practically hear the echoes of Catherine and Heathcliffe around every cobbled and heather strewn corner. Prepare to fall in love with Haworth and its living, breathing past. Haworth’s heart is its stunning Main Street. In summer it’s a buzzing hive of activity with shops, crafts and tea rooms, and magnificent moorland views that compel visitors to pause for a photo opportunity practically every other step. During the winter months the wonderful rolling mists cloak the landscape, making easy to lose yourself in the famous Brontë Parsonage and immerse yourself in the history of its historic graveyard. – (Haworth essentials) Haworth is a beautiful village in West Yorkshire in the Pennine Hills about an hour’s drive from where we are in Lancashire. On a visit there a couple of years ago I spotted this gentleman driving down the Main Street in his wonderful vintage car. He was just going about his business as usual and was totally oblivious to the attention he was getting from visitors. For the locals he and his car […]

The Brass Band Plays for St Augustine

On our recent trip to Valletta on the Mediterranean island of Malta we were lucky enough to watch/participate in some of the celebrations for the upcoming feast of St Augustine. For Cee’s Black & White Challenge this week I’d like to share a few pictures of a local brass band in Valletta leading a procession down to the church of St Augustine (or Santu Wistin as he is called in Maltese). Once at the church we were invited inside by the locals to watch a ceremony where a VERY large statue of St Augustine was carried outside to be blessed and then carried back in again. (But that’s for another blog post which won’t be in monochrome! It was colourful in the extreme). But for now, the brass band…..           (With thanks as always to Cee for her hard work and enthusiasm in putting out these challenges every week.)

The Great Scottish Run

In response to WordPress Photo Challenge: Admiration  I really do take my hat off in admiration of the many thousands of people who train hard (or at least a bit) in order to run in a race to raise money for charity. I took these pictures a few years ago as a spectator at The Great Scottish Run which is held every year in Glasgow. Its a real fun day with participants ranging from what I would call “proper” runners, to keen amateurs, to people on stilts and clowns, all running to the cheers of the crowd and sometimes to the skirl of the bagpipes.      

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