Regular Random: Five Minutes with a Fan

No fandango for me today! What can you do in 5 minutes with a fan? Apart from dance the fandango?  (The fandango is  a lively Spanish dance in triple time) Well, if you’re not up to this,  you can photograph it in as many different ways as you can in five minutes . An interesting and fun challenge I came across this morning. Welcome again to #RegularRandom, where we choose and object or scene and spend just five minutes shooting it, trying to see it from multiple angles, learning about how light interacts with the subject. It’s fun, although can be tricky to come up with new things to shoot. We’d love you to join in – just tag your post with regular random and link back to this post so we can find you. –  Delseyjane’s blog:  musingsofafrequentlyflyingscientist When I saw this challenge on Delseyjane’s blog this morning, the idea instantly appealed to me. She had posted some amazing shots of a silver pear under #RegularRandom. I thought about the challenge over lunch and decided to photograph a Nespresso coffee pod.  But when I went upstairs to fetch camera and macro lens, this fan caught my eye. It was […]

Today’s Butterfly Hunt

Today’s butterfly hunt started off very well indeed.  Before we’d even set off we were prancing around a Buddleia bush beside the car clicking our camera shutters. There were Small Tortoiseshells, Red Admirals, Peacocks, a Painted Lady and a Gatekeeper. A 45-minute drive north took us to Myers Allotment up in Silverdale which has been a great place in previous years for a wide variety of butterflies but today it wasn’t. I did manage to get a picture of a Dragonfly though but not much else. Next, a visit to Leighton Moss bird reserve where we saw more Painted Ladies and Red Admirals and then onto one of  our favourite locations for butterfly hunting, Warton Crag. Warton Crag is limestone hill with wonderful walks giving great views right across Morecambe Bay. On our arrival there we were greeted by almost a swarm (slight exaggeration there) of bright yellow Brimstone butterflies. A bit further up the Crag there were some small Common Blues. The sun was shining and we had the place to ourselves. It was perfect! I’d like to share some of today’s shots which I hope you like:                   Today’s butterfly […]

Macro Moments: Two Red Admirals and a Peacock

Two Red Admirals and a Peacock….. which are the butterflies I photographed in the garden this afternoon. This is my offering this week for Susan’s Macro Moments Challenge: Week 7,  which is a link well worth a click. Before I became interested in butterflies a few years back, I had grown up convinced that there were only two sorts in UK:  there were big white ones and there were Red Admirals. When I retired and started doing macro photography, I was amazed stunned  flabbergasted to find out that there are 57 species in the British Isles. So far I’ve probably seen around fifty of these and I love them all. This afternoon in the garden there were Red Admirals, Peacocks, Green-Veined Whites and a Small Tortoiseshell.  All this in a small garden within a couple of hours after lunch. Whilst there is a small resident population of Red Admirals in The British Isles, mostly are migrants: Starting each spring and continuing through the summer there are northward migrations, which are variable in extent and timing, from North Africa and continental Europe. The immigrant females lay eggs and consequently there is an emergence of fresh butterflies, from about July onwards. They continue […]

Macro Moments Challenge: Week 6: Large White

Macro Moments Challenge: Week 6  There haven’t been many butterflies in the garden so far this year but there were a couple of Large Whites this afternoon. I also took some shots of the very same wasps I had been shooing out of the bathroom window this morning. Well, they looked pretty much like the same ones and they’d brought all their friends with them too to enjoy the nectar from the flowers alongside the bees and butterflies. There were some really interesting flies too, which I photographed. I do love what macro allows me to see.   Exif data for this image: Canon EOS 7D with Canon EF100mm f2.8L Macro IS USM lens f5.0 ISO 640 1/2500 sec    

Macro Moments: Week 3: Time and Place

Time and Place For this week’s Macro Moments Challenge I’ve chosen a picture which was NOT taken with the macro lens I’d usually use for close up shots. I was trying out the macro setting on a new Fuji x100s  camera I got a couple of years back.  This little camera is ideal for working indoors in natural light as it gives good results at an ISO of up to 6400. Not that I ever work indoors as I like to be outside as much as possible. Actually, I never actually work anywhere, I play. I know that “proper” indoor photographers would set up lights or use two or three synced flash guns, but that ‘s not really my thing! (I hope the tutor from my night-class in studio photography doesn’t read this, though if he did I don’t think he’d be at all surprised.) So, setting up this picture took as long as it takes to go upstairs to get an old atlas and a pocket watch, come downstairs, put them on the dining table, set camera to macro and click, click, click.  I hope you like it.   Exif data Camera:  Fuji x100s f16 23mm ISO 800 1 sec […]

Day-Flying Moths at Brockholes

I’ve been doing a lot of challenges recently and it’s something I hugely enjoy. What I’ve realised though is that I’ve been spending a lot of time digging into the archives for photographs to fit. And whilst this is something I enjoy too, I love to be outdoors DOING rather than indoors THINKING. Before I started blogging I used to give myself a weekly challenge and get out and about looking for suitable subjects to photograph. (There wouldn’t have been much point in issuing a challenge to myself just to go through my own photos for something to match it!) Today I decide to go to Brockholes Nature Reserve and photograph butterflies. Well, there weren’t many around as it wasn’t all that sunny. But I did see lots of damselflies and dragonflies, some beautiful birds and lots of day-flying moths. And so, for the first time in ages, I’m posting pictures on the same day they were taken. The dragonflies and damselflies photographs will need to wait until tomorrow…..      

Macro Moments: Week 1

A big thank you to Susan at Musin’ with Susan for her Macro Moments Challenge:Week 1  For my first post for this challenge I’ve chosen a shot of a Common Blue butterfly taking nectar from a Birdsfoot Trefoil flower. I hope to spend a lot of time again this summer lying down watching these tiny creatures feeding and basking in the sunshine (that’s the butterflies I mean, though I don’t mind the odd bit of feeding and basking too). I always say that life isn’t so bad when you can spend hours eyeballing butterflies. I hope you like this image:   Exif data: Canon 7D EF 100mm f2.8L Macro IS USM f 5.0 1/2000sec (Pinpoint focus on the eye)            

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