Minimalist & Monochrome? Not today thank you!

Been doing so much in black&white and striving so determinedly for minimalismĀ  in the past couple of weeks that a change is called for. So on this rainy afternoon I’m playing around with photoshop and dreaming of summer.

A Wet Saturday in Blackpool

New year, new themes to experiment with and new (but as yet unimagined challenges to test myself with). So, back to blogging. Don’t know how this new WordPress theme will adapt to viewing on phones and tablets, but here goes…..I’ll press the button to publish and be damned! The seaside Read more…

It was a Good Friday

It was good to get away from all the Easter holiday buzz by driving a couple of miles to the local canal. All work seemed to have been abandoned, along with yesterday’s pint-pot tea mugs, a tractor andĀ  some homemade onion chutney and free range eggs for sale with an Read more…

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