One Word Photo Challenge: Box

One Word Photo Challenge: Box When I think of all the money I’ve spent on cat beds, cushions, hammocks, baskets and all the rest over the years and which both cats ┬áhave scrupulously ignored, I realise that I should just have been buying shoes for myself instead.  

Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding? Camouflage? Hmm….. I was initially stumped by Cee’s Black&White Photo Challenge this week. For some reason the phrase “hiding in plain sight” kept coming into my mind . Then I thought of the heavy stage make-up make up worn by performers to hide their own features and obscure their real personas. I’ve chosen three Read more about Hiding in Plain Sight[…]

One-armed Bandit

WordPress Photo Challenge: Abstract When I was little I used to see these slot machines at the funfair at the seaside though I was never allowed to spend waste pocketmoney on them. My pals at primary school in Scotland spoke in knowledgeable terms about “playing the puggies” and it always sounded daring with a hint Read more about One-armed Bandit[…]

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