Armchair Trolleys and Dr Death (more Barca OddBalls)

More Oddballs found in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, for Cee’s OddBall Challenge this week  Some things are indescribable. Words just don’t do them justice and you have to see them for yourself.  I think these supermarket trolleys come into that category:   And how about Dr Death’s welcoming smile at the pharmacy door:        

Eddie's Dog man's best friend , garden centre

One Man and his Dog: this week’s OddBall Surprise.

Man’s Best Friend (Eddie and his Dog) Spotted this gorgeous dog on the way into a local garden centre last week.   What an unexpected and surprising photographic opportunity. Thank goodness for camera phones.      Click on the icon below to see more OddBall pictures from bloggers around the world:

The Reindeer who was Left Behind on a Balcony in Barca

Looking up in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter I saw a luminous reindeer. This was a first for me, which made it memorable. Had it been mid-winter, this wouldn’t have been unexpected.  But this was early September on a swelteringly hot evening.     I often look at this picture and smile……. and wonder……. (There’s a children’s story here just waiting to be written).   For more OddBalls from bloggers around the world, why not head over to Cee’s OddBall Challenge:

Rock-Hewn Graves and Nettle Tea Bags

A Visit to Heysham I’m hoping that “Rock-Hewn Graves and Nettle Tea Bags” is the only post in the whole of cyberspace with this title.  If it is then that should make it especially OddBall for Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge this week. Why am I thinking of an unused title? No particular reason other than how many combinations of words can there be?  And will we ever run out?  Probably not in my lifetime! The graves and the tea bags are closely connected as we saw both of them within half an hour of arriving in Heysham on a day-trip last year. It’s only 40 minutes up the road. Heysham is a large coastal village on the Lancashire coast. Whilst it is a ferry port for ships to Ireland and the Isle of Man, and has a nuclear power station nearby, the old part of the village is very quaint and set apart from the newer developments. It could be the setting for a 1950’s TV drama.  Rock-Hewn Graves Around St Patrick’s Chapel are the remains of eight rock-cut graves hewn from the headland, several of which are body shaped and have rock-cut sockets, possibly for wooden crosses. It is […]

Cleaning the Carousel and other Oddballs on Blackpool Pier

OddBalls on the Pier Just before the schools’ February half-term week’s holiday, there is feverish activity in our local seaside resorts.  The Showzam Street Festival will hit Blackpool again, the Pleasure Beach will open and everyone and everything will come out of hibernation. Cafés will put tables and chairs outside for those souls hardy enough to brave the elements (or who want a quick puff on a ciggy). But before all this can happen, there is some serious cleaning to be done. After the mid-term holiday, some amusements close down and then there’s a massive Spring Clean in time for Easter. Cleaning the carousels on one of the piers involved a man with a ladder, an orange bucket, a sponge and green Marigold gloves:     It’s a tough job testing the SkyDiver, but someone’s got to do it:   Mr HotDog has been dusted down:   With a bit of luck the sky will stay this blue for the rest of the holiday week, even though the temperature isn’t much above freezing when you factor in wind-chill:     To see a great selection of OddBall posts from fellow bloggers, why not head to Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge.

A Tufted Duck with Attitude

A Tufted Duck with Attitude In all my decades as birdwatcher and my years photographing our feathered friends, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a face staring at me through my viewfinder. I love tufted ducks. They are pretty much the shape and proportions of those yellow plastic ones you can float in the bath, though obviously bigger. You usually see them bobbing along, dabbling for pond weed. They have little tufts of feathers on top of their heads that stick up when caught by the breeze. If you had to describe them in one word, it would probably be “cute”. This one, however, must have been the rebel of the flock:    

The Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors Wish Everyone “Happy Chinese New Year”

The Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors wished a Happy Chinese New Year to everyone in Manchester to mark the Year of The Rooster.     The Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors is an art installation modelled on the famous clay army which guards the tomb of the 1st Emperor of China. There are forty lantern warriors representing the original 8,000-strong army. Chinese lantern making is a tradition dating back over 2,000 years. They have appeared in iconic locations around the world, including Sydney Harbour, a castle in Prague and the central square in Zagreb. We were delighted to see them when we came out of the theatre last week. They were attracting a great deal of attention and admiration. They did look stunning.   Click on Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge icon to see more odd balls from bloggers around the world:

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