Happiness is….. a camera, a coffee and a donut

The topic for this week’s Black & White Photo Challenge from Cee is “Any Camera or Photographer


This first picture sums up perfection for me, especially when Mediterranean sunshine is added into the equation:

Happiness is  ….. a camera, a smiley coffee and a donut. (although my coffee was an espresso with no facial features whatsoever).

cameras photographers Happiness is.... Fuji camera coffee smiley donut

Happiness is…. ©HelenBushe


A photoshoot on a local beach is always fun too, even without the Mediterranean sunshine! :

St Annes, jetty, monochrome, black&white

St Annes’ Jetty Photoshoot ©HelenBushe


I took this next picture on a photography course I did a few years back. Whilst I enjoyed learning about studio lighting, still life and portraiture, I came to the conclusion that all that faffing about with light-meters, flash-guns, lightboxes etc is not for me. I definitely prefer to be out in the open air.

To each his own.  I’ve always maintained that people enjoy doing what they’re good at: I wasn’t much good at studio photography.


I love old cameras. This isn’t mine though:

RolleiCord camera monochrome black&white



And so do these enthusiasts at a weekly local market:

Camera Enthusiasts Preston Market monochrome black&white

Camera Enthusiasts ©HelenBushe


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