Blogging 101: Throwback Thursdays: 1

I’ve joined in with the worldwide blogging community take part in a WordPress course called Blogging 101. The aim of this course is to encourage/enthuse/energize/educate participants and basically improve our blogging. So far I’m enthused, energized, encouraged and teetering on the brink of being educated. (As a colleague of mine used to say, “Miracles take a little longer”).

Today’s challenge (yes, its a daily exercise) is to produce something with an element in it that is new to me.

What’s new about today’s blog is that I am committing myself to a series called “Throwback Thursdays”. My idea being to look back at old photographs and see what they bring to mind. And I intend to will  publish  one every Thursday.  I decided on the title because both words begin with ‘th” and a bit of alliteration never goes wrong.

Today’s picture was taken a few years ago and I’ve chosen it because I am so looking forward to Springtime:


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