Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter: a few more Doors

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter: a few more Doors

For this week’s Thursday Doors hosted by Norm, I’m revisiting my photos from our trip to Barcelona last September.

How I am looking forward to wandering through the winding alleys of Barca’s Gothic Quarter again, but that’s not for a few months yet.


This magnificent door is, I think, the street door to some tourist apartments:


Delivery Man Gothic Quarter Barcelona doors

Delivery Man ©HelenBushe


Shops, restaurants and clubs pull down their shutters when closed. The shutters ALL display graffiti; it is a recognised art form in the Gothic Quarter and you never see an outside door without it:

 Blue RollerBlind gothic quarter Barcelona

Blue RollerBlind ©HelenBushe


After dark the clubs open:

Gusanos Club Door Gothic Quarter Barcelona

Gusanos Club Door ©HelenBushe



This picture was taken by flash after dark when all the trendy shops remain open till late.

A shop door and an apartment door:

8 Bis Door Barcelona gothic quarter doors

The Door to No. 8 ©HelenBushe


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