Armchair Trolleys and Dr Death (more Barca OddBalls)

More Oddballs found in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter,

for Cee’s OddBall Challenge this week 

Some things are indescribable. Words just don’t do them justice and you have to see them for yourself. 

I think these supermarket trolleys come into that category:

Supermarket Trolleys barcelona oddball seats
Armchair Trolleys ©Helen Bushe


And how about Dr Death’s welcoming smile at the pharmacy door:

Dr Death Barcelona skeleton oddball Apothecary
Physician, Heal Thyself ©HelenBushe





13 thoughts on “Armchair Trolleys and Dr Death (more Barca OddBalls)

  1. Hilarious! The armchairs actually look inviting with the little table between them. How creative. 🙂 They are certainly oddballs! 🙂

    1. Thanks Marsha. Yes, if those trolleys are still there this year, I’m going to sit on one. I doubt they will be though. Probably something else equally surprising will be in their spot.

  2. haha! I’m going to set up my Asda trolley like this next time I go, Helen, It just has to be a better way of shopping 🙂 Super find and picture. Dr Death worries me a little too, I think I’d leave with a virus if I used his WiFi :))

    1. Thanks Cee . And if those trolleys are still there on our next visit then Sheila and I are going to have a seat.

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