All that Jazz

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”

After much thought about what really does inspire me most of all, I couldn’t decide whether it was Nature or the Sea or the Countryside or Animals or Or? …OR?  What? What is it that truly makes me feel I could move mountains, or these days shift little hills a wee bit? Oh, what is it???? And what photograph can I get to illustrate it? This challenge was hard.

After a couple of days, I stopped thinking about it and went out to a Jazz & Blues Festival in Blackpool. The musicians and singers were fantastic ( and they had all given freely of their time to play at this 2-day festival to raise funds for Trinity Hospice). The Jazz was great and the Blues even better.

So I’ll go for Music as my Inspiration.  

Thanks to all the above singers and musicians for great Jazz and even better Blues

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